HandiActivities for Five Cuddly Teddies


A theme-based resource book and CD containing a collection of activities for developing oral language.

HandiActivities for Five Cuddly Teddies includes 3 simple stories and accompanying activities for building language and math skills.

Five Cuddly Teddies – a counting rhyme to introduce the concept of subtraction as a puppy takes teddies off the chair and hides them under the stairs.

Playground Positions – set in a playground, this simple story uses patterned language and visual clues to reinforce the position concepts of behind, on, and under.

What Bears Eat – a simple nonfiction text, featuring patterned language, about what different bears eat.

The HandiActivities book is organised into 3 sections:
– Stories & Retelling
– Barrier Games
– Games & Activities



Printed book and CD


– Stories and games can be printed from the CD in blackline or full colour.
– Fiction and nonfiction texts
– PDF versions of stories for reading on-screen
– Puppets and props included for retelling
– Simple patterned language and predictable text for easy reading
– Barrier Games for developing oral language skills

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Physical Book & CD

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